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Bringing Sexy Back… on the radio

Vera with cash shirely-maclaine.jpg justin-with-mic-bw.gif Ken Stein

Well, if I am going to bring sexy back, I guess I’ll have an easier time at it on the radio!  Here is a link to the show with KUT‘s John Aielli.  It was a fun morning with Jaston and John.

Sunday I take the stage with Shirley MacLaine.  If you have a question to ask her, post it here as a comment so I can ask it on stage.  In the radio interview I mistakenly called her movie The Evening Star by the wrong name… James Lipton would be ashamed.

Looking at the pictures above, I remain amazed at how much Justin Timberlake looks just like me…


Untouchables and bringing sexy back…

dylanblog.gif justin_timberlake.gif st-cecilia.gif goddessoflibertytxdot.gif

Some entertainers are considered untouchable.  The Paramount just isn’t big enough to present an “arena-worthy” star like Elton John, Billy Joel, Bette Midler or…. Bob Dylan.  But one can dream right?

From the September 17, Austin American-StatesmanJoe Gross had this to say about Bob Dylan in Zilker Park for ACL:

“Hey, man, you wanna come back and do five shows at the Paramount, you have my money. You wanna come back and do Stubbs, I’ll give you a chance. But in a field at ACL? Never again.”

I have always said that no matter what the show, it’s always going to be better at the Paramount.  Thanks for making my case Joe.  Oh, and by the way, the offer stands Mr. Dylan.  5 nights whenever you want to come.  Same holds true for the other untouchables.

On a separate note, I have decided to bring sexy back.  I mean, Justin Timberlake made a run at it but I don’t think he ever quite got there.  So, from this point forward, I think the Paramount is Ground Zero for sexy in Austin… great shows, great talent, great drinks… all in the sexiest venue in Austin.  At least our St. Cecilia is sexier than the Goddess of Liberty on top of the Capitol.