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Arts Run


The Arts Run was lots of fun and a huge success, but I remain amazed at my willingness to humiliate myself “for a good cause” as captured in the photo above.  At least I am in good company with my fellow staff members Maica Jordan (left) and Deborah Dobbs (center).  I posted other pictures from the run on the “pics” page which you can find by clicking on the link above.


Quick Post about the Arts Run

Art Run 2

Hey, just a real quick post about the Arts Run coming up on Saturday, September 8th.  This is our second year and last year everyone said it was a blast.  We have live bands, costumes, food, tons of fantastically great prizes and the coolest t-shirts.   It’s a 5K with a Kid’s K to start it off… fun for the whole family, and the male and female overall winners get their names on the marquee…plus tons of prizes including free tickets to shows. 

Go to this link to get all the details.  Last year I came as Sponge Bob Square Pants… maybe I’ll do a contest to see who I have to come as this year!  All proceeds benefit the State and Paramount Theatres.