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I love kd lang more than Cher…


For those of you who know me, loving something more than Cher is a huge step for me.  Huge.  But tonight I fell hook, line and sinker for k.d. lang.  Easily the most beautiful and pure voice ever to play the Paramount stage.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  I sat in the theatre and cried like a big baby when she sang Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

Earlier that day, I knew something great was about to happen when I listened in on her sound check.   I don’t know if she just took the extra time to get the audio equipment down perfect or if she has a voice so perfect that she can overcome any audio equipment…  I just know that if was perfect and I am a fan for life.

After sound check she gave a quick interview to the afterellen.com blog.

The house was sold-out – every seat filled with subscribers.  Only a few single tickets actually went on sale to the general public due to subscriber demand for our Leading Ladies Series featuring kd lang, Lily Tomlin and Dr. Maya Angelou.


You are the star of our stage…


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Our first ever Karaoke night at the Paramount was a blast.  Subscribers and donors were invited to come down and take the mic on our stage.  Who knew we had so much talent sitting in our seats each night.  I had so much fun watching as one performer after another was blown away by our historic stage.  Good, bad and in-between – it didn’t matter.  Everyone had fun and the open bar didn’t hurt!  But I have to admit…all night long people wanted me to sing and all night long I kept saying there wasn’t enough alcohol in the house to get me to the mic… but clearly I was wrong.  At the end of the night, about 40 people stormed the stage and joined me for the absolute worst (but most fun) rendition of Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” ever to be performed… it was Ha-larious.  Pictures to be posted here.