Your favorite moments

Be sure to share your favorite moments from your visits to historic theatres.


11 responses to “Your favorite moments

  1. I loved Kathy Griffin’s show on 07/20/07. She was totally awesome and had the whole place laughing so hard. What a lady – can’t wait for her to come back to Austin again!

  2. I couldn’t possibly pick one favorite moment from the Paramount so here’s my top five:

    5. The Notorious Margaret Cho in 2002
    4. Gavin Degraw in the third row dancing with Val and Cole
    3. Mark, Luke, Juan, Matthew and Abraham – the Altar Boys!
    2. Escorting Ann Richards into a film festival premier
    1.Having the late Freddy Fender shake my hand through the box office window and then watching him from the front row

  3. Watching movies back when I could still smoke in your theater!

  4. We so loved the “Rock & Roll Honor Roll” show yesterday! Thank you Paramount.
    And thank you Joker, High on Hot Dogs and Imbibe for working so hard.
    It was a wonderful experience for the young bands and the audience. It’s hard to believe some of those kids have already been playing for 10 years. Amazing what talent growing up in such a musical community like Austin can develop.
    We really appreciate the Paramount for making this happen. Austin needs more places where young talent like this can play.
    Thank you so much!

  5. Helen Marplestine

    Getting [edited] in the balcony back in 1937!

  6. Little Richard aksing for a Fat White Woman and a Fat Black Woman to come up on stage.

  7. I just found this blog. Great format and content. Keep up the good work.

  8. Previous Seasons

    Interviewing John Bernadoni and hearing him say there will never be a Rush concert at the Paramount, swaying to the sounds of Little Feat and watching my daughter, Grace, perform.

  9. Leo Kottke was, of course, wonderful. But Georgia Middleman was beyond words. Hey, Ken…how about bringing her back. And soon!

  10. Will see what I can do…

  11. Camille Abbott

    Hi Ken!
    Just wanted you to know that we came to see Bryan Adams last night and LOVED it! He was tremendous–personable, funny, and unplugged!It was a great crowd and the venue was perfect! I am never sure if I enjoy the entertainment on stage or the building itself more. Anyone looking for a true slice of Austin should come to The Paramount–it is still the best and holds a piece of my heart. I look forward to introducing my granddaughter to it this year as I am a season ticket holder for the kids series. Great job!

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