Holland Taylor brings Ann (back) to the Paramount


On one of her many visits to the Paramount, Ann Richards asked me if she could go backstage to meet Bob Newhart.  Well that would be up to Bob…  Ann laughed at me and said, “Just tell him I am here, Ken.”

Bob, of course, wanted to see her.  They spent about 30 minutes laughing and sharing stories before Ann left.  The next – and last – time I saw Ann she was heading backstage to say hello to her friend David Sedaris.  Ann was a subscriber, donor and a friend.  I miss her.

I first met Ann Richards while I was in college.  She gave the keynote speech at my graduation when she was the Texas Treasurer.  I had no idea that our paths would cross again, but they did several more times.  She was a donor to the Austin Children’s Museum where I worked when I first came to Austin.  She was also very involved with Planned Parenthood where I worked before coming to the theater.   Each time I saw her I would stupidly find a way to remind her (again and again) that she spoke at my graduation.  She finally told me that I could stop telling her that because not only did she remember but “now you are old enough that it’s not really nice to remind me.”

This week Ann comes to the Paramount as a character created by Two and Half Men’s  Holland Taylor.  I can’ t wait to see her again.


8 responses to “Holland Taylor brings Ann (back) to the Paramount

  1. Those are some great memories.
    I love the “now you are old enough” quote. She was pure Texan.

  2. Twenty-four

    She was wonderful. I can’t wait to see the show.

  3. We are looking forward to the show, Ken. We are sad that it brings us one show closer to your leaving.

  4. We have tickets for Saturday. Nice story.

  5. Lucy Anderson

    Please tell Ms. Taylor that she hit Ann spot-on. It was an emotional journey that she took us on and I so appreciate it! From laughter to tears, Holland Taylor showed us the charm, wit and hardworking tenacity of one of the most inspiring women I’ve known. Thank you Holland. Thank you most of all, Ann. I miss her too.

  6. Ken, were you the one that carried a video camera on stage to accept your diploma??

  7. Terrell Blodgett

    Was at opening night last night. Ms. Taylor has Ann down “pat” – I knew her – worked with her some. Great show but my guest and I both agreed that she needs to cut at least 30 and possibly as much as 60 minutes – 2 hours and 45 minutes is too long – can cut some from early life and some from soliloquy at end.

  8. Ann Richards really was larger than life! Funny, smart, tough, demanding, and one of the most giving and gracious people I’ve ever known. The play pointed out her penchant for staying in touch with people she thought needed encouragement and support. I knew that side of her well. And I know that she was the best dammed governor Texas has had in my lifetime and if the dirty politicians (led by her “buddy” Bob) hadn’t hacked her down, we would have been spared the embarrassment and devastation of Dubya as president.

    That Texas isn’t in the economic crapper is a direct result of her actions as treasurer (instituting modern practices) and governor (diversifying the state’s economy). Until this play, she has not gotten proper recognition for what she gave us. I am delighted to have her honored and remembered in this 24 karat vehicle!!

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