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They eat cedar trees…

lawrence of arabia marguee ken with camels

I just love that picture of me with the camel.  It’s hilarious.  So were the silly animal rights protestors who paid the Roaring Fork valet to park their “Animal Cruelty” van out front… and then they went and had dinner.  Come on.  You call that protesting?  I used to work for Planned Parenthood.  You, my friends, have no idea how to protest.

Honestly, the camels seemed quite happy.  The Belly Dancers, on the other hand, seemed a little perturbed by the whole ordeal.  I guess they thought they would be the main attraction and weren’t expecting the camels.  By the way, they eat cedar trees – the camels I mean.  They eat the bark and branches of cedar trees.   We need more camels in Central Texas.  (Oh and totally kidding about the Belly Dancers.  They were great.  Really.)

Well the Summer Classic Film Series at the Paramount is coming to a close with the traditional screening of Lawrence of Arabia.  Thanks to all our Film Fans who made this series the most successful in the theatre’s history.  And thanks to staffers, Jett and Brooklyn, for all the clever ideas along the way including the “cell phones for soldiers” during the screening of ETand the “mani-pedi treatments” during the screening of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

And I am not exactly sure what it means, but we got a special “Best Ever” award from the Austin Chronicle.  Wow.

I look forward to seeing everyone during the new season of shows featuring Dianne Keaton, Don Rickles, Tim Conway, Wynton Marsalis, Wynonna, John Waters, Rufus Wainwright, Woody Allen…


I can’t even find the words…


(click on images above for larger photo) 

What an amazing way to open the season!  The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra gave a sold out crowd 2 solid hours of perfection and then, responding to an encore-demanding standing ovation from the audience, transformed from a 14 piece orchestra into a quintet featuring Wynton Marsalis on trumpet, Sherman Irby on alto saxophone, Dan Nimmer on piano, Carlos Henriquez on bass, and Ali Jackson on drums.  If you are a jazz lover or even a jazz admirer, this was as close to heaven as it gets. 

A little backstage trivia – Wynton spent much of the time backstage playing chess with a fellow band member.

That music was made for the Paramount.  I didn’t have a seat for the show, but even standing in the upper balcony I was blown away.

But as great as the evenig was, the whole story is even better… Earlier that day, we treated 75 local high school and middle school kids to sit in on the sound check. Some of them even got to come back and enjoy the performance for free through our Skinny’s Gallery program.  Before the show, subscribers were invited to either a dinner club at Ruth’s Chris or a New Orleans style celebration at the Stephen F. Austin terrace bar featuring the music of Dr. Zog.

So after the show, our Century Club members attended a private reception in the Governor’s Suite of the InterContinental Stephen F. Austin. Other guests included Ted Cruz who serves as the Solicitor General of Texas and his wife Heidi. Wynton was supposed to be there but no one seemed too disappointed when he instead decided to stay at the theatre and  give a private trumpet lesson to a young musician who had come to the show. Mr Marsalis did the same thing the last time he played the Paramount. That speaks volumes about who he is as a person and is just another wonderful piece of the Paramout history. However, Henriquez joined Century Club members for drinks and appetizers compliments of Robert Hill, General Manager for the hotel.

Welcome to our 92nd season!!!

Look for photos in Tribeza magazine.

$900 – Truly Terrific!!!

Congratulations Clay….and THANK YOU. I will contact you via email shortly.

$700 seats and Free Entertainment

wynton.jpg Pearl fighting with Vera

Roxann, your bid still stands.  The seats will be yours unless someone does one of those nasty little EBay last second bids that prevents me from getting that rare, limited-edition Beanie Baby every time…  Ooops.  Sorry this isn’t about me is it?

Just wanted to let everyone know that the cast of Tuna Does Vegas (both of them) will be hosting a free press conference and performance in front of the Paramount tomorrow at 11AM.  If you are downtown, it will be worth the trip to get a glimpse of Austin’s own Jaston Williams and Joe Sears doing what they do best!  It looks like we will be extending the run of their new show – you heard it here first.

Remember, if you want to get in on the bidding for Wynton Maralis front row tickets, simply leave your bid amount as a comment to this post.  High bid on Wednesday at 5:00 wins.  Bid must be confirmed before tickets are issued.  Winner notified by email.   Bid is for 4 front row seats to Wynton Marsalis at the Paramount on September 20.  Free drinks included so plan to cab it!

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4 Front Row 4 Wynton Now at $700

220px-wynton_marsalis_free.jpg police.jpg 

Roxann, you don’t have to put on the red light
Those days are over…
Because the spotlight will be on you
When you sit in your seats tonight!!!!
(Sing to the tune of the Police classic)

Roxann!  Roxann! Roxann.  $700 is the current hight bid.  You’re my best friend…for now. But all it takes is for someone to outbid you and I’ll deny I ever knew you!  (ha ha).  Seriously, this is great.  You may not know this, but 75 middle and high school kids are getting the chance to sit in on Wynton’s sound check the afternoon before the show.  Donations like this one allow us to do things like that, as well as make thousands of tickets free all year long to kids who otherwise couldn’t afford to come to shows.  And all this happens inside the beautiful, historic Paramount – a little slice of Austin, Texas that never has to change as long as we all support it.  You go Roxann!!! Do I hear $800?????

Remember, simply leave your bid amount as a comment.  High bid on Wednesday at 5:00 wins.  Bid must be confirmed before tickets are issued.  Winner notified by email.   Bid is for 4 front row seats to Wynton Marsalis at the Paramount on September 20.  Free drinks included so plan to cab it!

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