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King Baby


When he played the Paramount, Jim Gaffigan called his show “The Sexy Tour” but the resulting Comedy Central special is called “King Baby”.  Not  sure why.   This theatre has been featured in several Comedy Central, HBO, PBS and Showtime specials and even a few movies, but this Jim Gaffigan show captures the beauty of the space better than any I have seen.  It premiered tonight on Comedy Central, but I am sure it will repeat often.


Musical Chairs with Jim Gaffigan

sexy-tour sexy-tour-3 sexy-tour-2 

Lights.           Camera.         Action!

OK. I love my new IPhone but it takes lousy pictures as evidenced by the photos above.  Maybe operator error?

When a show is filmed for TV, all bets are off for reserved seating at the Paramount.  Evidently the Director is watching everything live on the monitors and if he doesn’t like the camera angle,  a little thing like someone sitting in a seat can’t get in the way.  That ‘s the way it went as Paramount patrons played musical chairs during Jim Gaffigan’s recent shows which were being taped for a Comedy Central special to air some time this spring.  No one seemed to mind because all the lights and cameras made the evening that much more exciting…

Audience members sitting in the first three rows were hand-picked by the promoter.  People were moved from the balcony to fill any seats in the orchestra left empty by ticket holders who were running late.  “Pee now” was announced from stage “because once the show begins we want everyone to stay in their seats.”  And for goodness sakes no HotPocket t-shirts and signs will be allowed on camera!  (It seems HotPockets decided to stage a gorilla marketing campaign outside the theatre.)

In truth, it was crazy behind the scenes but once on stage, Jim Gaffigan was a master.  One laugh after another and with a refreshing lack of profanity – actually with no profanity at all.  Funny stuff.  Very funny.  My in-laws are bowlers so that part of the show had me on the floor!

Now Jim is saying something different on his blog, but before the show I asked him why he chose the Paramount Theatre for his special.   “It’s a great space,” he said, “and it has a reputation around the nation now as a place where you can do a show and film it without any problems.  You guys are doing a great job.”   He must be right because this was our third Comedy Central special in two years –  Ralphie May and Demetri Martin.  If only we could get Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert.