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A comic, a chef and some tuna…recipe for fun

craig-ferguson.jpg anthony-bourdain.gif Joe and Vera Dancing

There are still a few good seats left for the final week of Tuna Does Vegas… 

We just received word that the Anthony Bourdaine special that was filmed while he was here will air Friday, November 9 on ABC NightlineAs you know, they can change their minds depending on what is going on in the world, but that’s when it’s scheduled.

Also, I think I may have some Craig Ferguson front row seats as well as some tickets to the taping of his show in LA.  Stay tuned…


Standing O


While you are in the audience giving Jaston and Joe a much deserved standing ovation, I am quietly in the lobby doing the same for my wonderful staff and volunteers.  Encore!  Encore!  Lots of work goes on behind the scenes as well as on the stage and I am delighted it has all come together for a show as fantastic as Tuna Does Vegas.


They’re back…

Vera with cash Pearl fighting with Vera Cover shot

… with a brand new show!  Opening night of Tuna Does Vegas is finally here.  Even if you haven’t seen the others, you will still love this one.  You absolutely cannot live in Austin, Texas and remain a Tuna virgin!!!  Get a ticket and come see Jaston and Joe take on Vegas.  Opening week festivities include a band with a female Elvis impersonator as well as the “Winningest Wheel in Austin!”

Rock ‘N Roll Honor Roll


Sunday afternoon we opened the Paramount for a free show featuring the winning bands from the Texas Music Project 10 Under 20 talent contest.  The contest identifies the hottest, young music talent in Texas with contests currently in Dallas and Austin – with plans to expand.  The Texas Music Project asked my Programming Director, Lietza Brass, to judge the Austin competition.  Both Leitza and I were so impressed with the level of talent that we decided to invite the top three bands (High On Hotdogs, IMBiBE, Joker) to play the Paramount.  They put on a fantastic show for the 400-ish in the audience.   Let’s hope they all make it back to our stage one day in a “paying gig”…

The Texas Music Project raises funds for music education programs in public schools – an area which is sorely lacking when it comes to funding.

 This morning I joined Jaston Williams at the KUT studios for an interview with John Aielli.  Jaston was supposed to talk about Tuna Does Vegas while I talked about the rest of our season, but Jaston knows pretty much everyone and was able to join me in conversations about Shirley Maclaine, Olympia Dukakis and Dame Edna – three “women” we both adore on our season this year.  You can hear the interview on Aielli Unleashed at the KUT website.

$350 per hour and then some Tuna…

  220px-wynton_marsalis_free.jpg jaston-and-joe-at-press-conf.gif tuna-press-conf.gif anna-conda-at-press-conf.gif joe-sears-autographing.jpg Kathy Griffin at the Paramount with the Kens

I just got the show notes for Wynton Marsalis and we are in for a real treat.   He is planning almost two hours of music for us. So now the high bid from Roxann seems like a bargain to me.  Tell you what, in addition to the 4 front row seats to Wynton (and the free drinks), I’ll throw in two seats to the October 23 opening night of Tuna Does Vegas to the winning bidder….  just leave a comment with your bid before 5:00 Wednesday.  I wanna see this thing get to a $1,000.

Speaking of Tuna, Jaston and Joe thrilled the downtown crowd that showed up today for the press conference announcing a two-week extension for the new show.  We were treated to a visit from two of the old characters (Vera and Pearl) as well as two of the new characters (Anna Conda and Schotz).  Both stayed afterwards to visit and give autographs to fans.  

By the way, Joe, per your question: it was a few years ago (before me) but he threw a quarter at a patron because he thought 25 cents was a lousy tip! I believe he said “You need this more than me” as he threw it.  Wish I had been there…

Tonight Century Club members were treated to a private party on stage and I have to say, with the fire curtain down, the backstage transformed into a really cool, hip, clubby ( is clubby a word???) space.   We should do that more often….pictures coming soon…

So Kathy Griffin told Jesus to “suck it”… well I guess I should get ready for the negative emails if she returns to the Paramount.

Remember, to bid on the Wynton tickets, simply leave your bid amount as a comment. High bid on Wednesday at 5:00 wins. Bid must be confirmed before tickets are issued. Winner notified by email. Bid is for 4 front row seats to Wynton Marsalis at the Paramount on September 20. Free drinks included so plan to cab it!  Also 2 tickets to Tuna…

$700 seats and Free Entertainment

wynton.jpg Pearl fighting with Vera

Roxann, your bid still stands.  The seats will be yours unless someone does one of those nasty little EBay last second bids that prevents me from getting that rare, limited-edition Beanie Baby every time…  Ooops.  Sorry this isn’t about me is it?

Just wanted to let everyone know that the cast of Tuna Does Vegas (both of them) will be hosting a free press conference and performance in front of the Paramount tomorrow at 11AM.  If you are downtown, it will be worth the trip to get a glimpse of Austin’s own Jaston Williams and Joe Sears doing what they do best!  It looks like we will be extending the run of their new show – you heard it here first.

Remember, if you want to get in on the bidding for Wynton Maralis front row tickets, simply leave your bid amount as a comment to this post.  High bid on Wednesday at 5:00 wins.  Bid must be confirmed before tickets are issued.  Winner notified by email.   Bid is for 4 front row seats to Wynton Marsalis at the Paramount on September 20.  Free drinks included so plan to cab it!

Comments now closed on this post.  To bid, go to the most recent post.

Here’s looking at you…

Dame Ken Dame Edna Anna Conda

So I am ready for Dame Edna at the Paramount in January.  I got these glasses in prepartion.  Now, if you are not familiar with the Dame Edna Experience, then I quess this picture looks pretty ridiculous.  Actually, I quess it looks ridiculous no matter what.  (I can’t believe I posted it on the net!)  Anyway, tickets to all our shows go on sale September 5… unless you are a donor/subscriber -you can order tickets now.

You know, these glasses could also work for Tuna Does Vegas.  Speaking of Tuna… I chatted with Jaston Williams this week.  He and Joe are back from their  successful run at the Grand Opera House.  Jaston told me they are upgrading the sets and making some changes to a few scenes based on how it played out in Galveston.  I loved what I saw there,  so this only means Jaston is keeping his promise about the Austin premiere – it has to be perfect for Austin because this is home.  

I love that we have Jaston three times this season:  Tuna Does Vegas,  A Tuna Christmas, and Cowboy NoisesWelcome home Jaston.  It’s going to be a great season at the Paramount!