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Funny, Funny, Funny

So my staff wanted me to write something about our education and outreach programs at the theatres.  Afterall, the holidays are coming and we really do hope you are considering making a donation to the theatres.   My telling you about the wonderful things we do with children – like the 3,000 school children who came last week to see The Incredible Speediness of Julie Cavanaugh, a play that dealt with bullying, violence, peer pressure, learning disabilities and the struggle to fit in – should put you in the mood to consider a donation so we can do more things like that.   And that really  is what I should be writing about.  I should tell you about the 3rd graders at Hart Elementary who are right now working with professional teaching artists as part of our Literacy to Life program because what we are doing there really is giving children a voice.  I should.  I know I should because the work we do each year with over 20,000 kids is important.  But…

All I can think about right now is how much fun I had at Louis C. K. on Friday night and then again with John Oliver on Saturday night and how much fun I am going to have all this week with Jaston and Joe in A Tuna Christmas.

Louis C.K. was funny as shit.  I have no other way to put it.   He was oh so funny and oh so nasty and oh so damn over the line… and I loved every second of it.  I laughed so hard, the way I laugh has forever changed.

And then there is John Oliver from the Daily Show.   As my good friend Janis Pinnelli said,  “I thought John Stewart was the funny one.  I had no idea how funny John Oliver was.”

And now we have Jaston and Joe.  What can I say?  A few of the residents from Tuna, Texas stopped by to visit today.  The show opens Tuesday and runs through the Thanksgiving weekend…


Long-time Friends

Jaston Williams and Joe Sears were at the theatre most of today running through some of the new material they’ve worked into their current show, Tuna Does Vegas.  They head off to Washington DC next week for a run at the Warner Theatre.  They’ll be back in Austin for an encore performance over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I can’t wait to see what new material they introduce.  It’s hard to believe these Tuna characters have been hanging around the Paramount for nearly 30 years.

I visited with Jaston briefly to discuss a possible event honoring Cactus Pyror that is in the works.   Cactus is a long-time friend of theatre and our youth outreach program (Skinny’s Gallery) is named in honor of his father, Richard “Skinny” Pryor.  Skinny owned a movie  theatre in Austin and was known for his generosity with the children of Austin.

The event planning committee includes KLBJ’s Don Pryor and Mark Ceasar.

Jaston Williams is a nut (in a good way)…


…but you already knew that.  He is back at the Paramount tonight with the world premiere of his one-man-show Cowboy Noises.  I didn’t get to see his last show (I’m Not Lying) but I hear it was terrific.  Jaston assures me that you didn’t need to see that one to enjoy this one.  I’ll know tonight.  Here is the discription of the show:

 He’s at it again! Voyaging east to adopt a 7-year old boy, Jaston’s latest solo effort offers a journey through time, space and memory. Watch the Beatles burst into a Panhandle parlor full of astonished cowboys and their kin. Ride a haunted Argentine taxi to an enchanting midnight epiphany. Get the real skinny about cheerleaders. And meet the captivating child who, inexplicably, chirps. It’s laughter, tears and outrage anew from the Tuna star and acclaimed creator of I’m Not Lying.

The Big Apple Review

spamalot.jpg chazz.jpg matt-dusk.jpg

Am off to NYC to see what shows are available for next season.  Among others I plan to see Spamalot (will miss Clay Aiken’s debut by a week), A Bronx Tale starring Chass Palminteri, The Gazillion Bubble Show and Matt Dusk.  Do you have a favorite show or entertainer?

 Back in Austin, we have added a second show of Cowboy Noises starring Jaston Williams.

Standing O


While you are in the audience giving Jaston and Joe a much deserved standing ovation, I am quietly in the lobby doing the same for my wonderful staff and volunteers.  Encore!  Encore!  Lots of work goes on behind the scenes as well as on the stage and I am delighted it has all come together for a show as fantastic as Tuna Does Vegas.


They’re back…

Vera with cash Pearl fighting with Vera Cover shot

… with a brand new show!  Opening night of Tuna Does Vegas is finally here.  Even if you haven’t seen the others, you will still love this one.  You absolutely cannot live in Austin, Texas and remain a Tuna virgin!!!  Get a ticket and come see Jaston and Joe take on Vegas.  Opening week festivities include a band with a female Elvis impersonator as well as the “Winningest Wheel in Austin!”

Bringing Sexy Back… on the radio

Vera with cash shirely-maclaine.jpg justin-with-mic-bw.gif Ken Stein

Well, if I am going to bring sexy back, I guess I’ll have an easier time at it on the radio!  Here is a link to the show with KUT‘s John Aielli.  It was a fun morning with Jaston and John.

Sunday I take the stage with Shirley MacLaine.  If you have a question to ask her, post it here as a comment so I can ask it on stage.  In the radio interview I mistakenly called her movie The Evening Star by the wrong name… James Lipton would be ashamed.

Looking at the pictures above, I remain amazed at how much Justin Timberlake looks just like me…