Absolutely Fabulous


A week in New York was about 2 days more than I wanted to be there, but the snow and friends (old and new) made it enjoyable none the less.  Every January I head to New York for the annual Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference to see who and what is available for tour.  But this year I tacked on a couple of extra days to attend my first League of Historic American Theatres Board Meeting.

While in New York I got to tour the beautiful Hudson Theatre which – fully restored – serves as conference space for the Millennium Hotel.  It would be great to have it as an active Broadway house but at least it still stands in all its glory.  Interestingly enough both the Tonight Show and The Price Is Right premiered at the Hudson Theatre.

While in the Big Apple I got the chance to see Le Bete with David Hyde Pierce from Frasier and Joanna Lumley from Absolutely Fabulous – love  her!  The entire play is done in verse – quite the accomplishment and distraction at the same time.

Besides seeing Patsy “cheers” from Ab Fab, I also got to see the fantastic English Beat in my favorite NYC nite spot, the Highline Ballroom.  Where is the tenderness…  General Pubic / English Beat – same difference.


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