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Hey. Am I interviewing Diane Keaton?

Diane Keaton Ken and Lily Shirley and Ken Stage Floor Katharine Hepburn 

Seriously.  That is the question I asked my staff this morning.  Am I interviewing Diane Keaton?  And the answer was,  “I think so.”   Diane Keaton will be at the Paramount on November 6 and I wasn’t clear on exactly what all would be happening that night.  I know she is giving a talk and evidently then she is going to sit down and chat with me. Does anyone out there have a question they want me to ask?

How exactly I got this job is beyond me…

I remember as a kid watching Lily Tomlin on Laugh In and never in my life did I think I would interview her one day.  One of my favorite movies is Terms of Endearment and now I watch the movie and pinch myself that I got to spend the evening with Shirley MacLaine and Debra Winger.  And here we go again.  Diane Keaton.  I’m going to be hanging with Annie Hall.  Kay Corleone.   Wow.

I am really looking forward to talking with Diane about her interest in restoring historic buildings.  It will be great to show her our beautiful Paramount and talk to her about the restoration projects currently underway. Speaking of which, if you would like to help ongoing restoration projects, you can “Take Action” by going to our website at www.austintheatre.org .

It will also be fun to talk to Diane about Katharine Hepburn , one of the women who inspired her.  Hepburn played the Paramount in 1941 – 5 years before Diane was born.  Oops.  Did I go too far?


Tonight I met Debra Winger


I was scared to death because I have heard so many rumors about her… difficult… wild…even mean. Well, the woman I met backstage was delightful and real.  I might as well have been talking to my sister.  She made me feel that at ease.

Sometimes you meet a celebrity and the dissappointment is such a let down.  Considering one of my all-time favorite movies is Terms Of Endearment, I didn’t want to ruin the fantasy I had created about the actress who played Emma Greenway Horton.  I am happy to report that having now met both Shirley MacLaine and Debra Winger that movie remains in my list of top five.

 Speaking of movies, we gave the audience the choice to watch An Officer and A Gentleman, Terms of Endearment or Urban Cowboy.  Backstage, Debra laughed and teased me about picking such obvious choices.  “Those are like TV wallpaper and everyone has probably seen them dozens of times.”  To her credit many of her movies – even the lesser known ones – are true gems.  However, the joy of seeing one of her classics on the big screen again was too hard to resist.  The audience decided on Urban Cowboy.

Evan Smith was terrfic with his interview.  I learned a great deal watching him.  While I remain satisfied with my interview with Shirley MacLaine (first celebrity interview in my career), Evan’s preparedness reminded me that I can still do better next time.  And speaking of next time… Carol BurnettLily Tomlin? Glenn Close?  Hmmm…

Pilobolus for the rest of us…

pilobolus3.jpg  pilobolus2.jpg pilobolus1.jpg

Sometimes you just need to check your inhibitions at the door and open your mind to something different.  When you do, you might get lucky enough to enjoy a show like Pilobolus…sold out tonight (2/6) and tomorrow (2/7) at the Paramount.  I am always amazed at the strength and discipline that goes into being a dancer.  This group is just beautiful… soulful… and even humorous.  They have the ability to make even a low-level dance enthusiast like me into a fanatic if just for the night…  Jeez, could somebody get those guys a bag of potato chips.  I mean a little fat on the bone never hurt anyone!

On a separate note, I discovered that if you put the names Owen Wilson and Martie Maguire in your blog… you get lots of hits.

 Coming in March, Texas Monthly’s Evan Smith will interview Debra Winger on our stage.  After the show, we’ll screen one of three movies (Officer/Gentleman, Terms, Urban) and the audience gets to decide which one.  If you have any questions for Debra, leave them here and I’ll get them to Evan.