Bringing Sexy Back… on the radio

Vera with cash shirely-maclaine.jpg justin-with-mic-bw.gif Ken Stein

Well, if I am going to bring sexy back, I guess I’ll have an easier time at it on the radio!  Here is a link to the show with KUT‘s John Aielli.  It was a fun morning with Jaston and John.

Sunday I take the stage with Shirley MacLaine.  If you have a question to ask her, post it here as a comment so I can ask it on stage.  In the radio interview I mistakenly called her movie The Evening Star by the wrong name… James Lipton would be ashamed.

Looking at the pictures above, I remain amazed at how much Justin Timberlake looks just like me…


2 responses to “Bringing Sexy Back… on the radio

  1. Ms. MacLaine…If you could be a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

  2. James Zoller

    Ms. MacLaine, I have always enjoyed your writing…have you ever considered writing a screen play? And on a more personal note, I know for a fact that Ken Stein can do an uncanny impression of you in the “Give my daughter the shot!!!” scene from Terms of Endearment…care to see it now??

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