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Writing on the wall…

Kodo Drummers signaturesJohn Prine SignatureLily Tomlin SignatureKathy Griffin Signaturejimmy-buffett-signature.gif

Lots of entertainers have left messages for us backstage.  International stars like the Kodo Drummers appear next to Entertainment Icons like JimmyBuffett.  Sometimes it is simply a signature on the wall, but often it is a message relating to the show.  Jimmy Buffett repeated his remark from stage where he told the audience that he loved playing the Paramount because he could actually hear himself sing. [Buffett normally plays large, impersonal venues.]

Not pictured is a comment from George Carlin about a couple of shows that had played the Paramount in the past.  To some the comment is funny.. to others not so much… to me it’s just one of a million stories to tell about this amazing place.

My favorite (still makes me laugh out loud) message was Kathy Griffin’s response to a message left a couple of weeks earlier from Dan Rather.   Mr. Rather wrote “Courage” and then signed his name.  A word like “courage” followed by Dan Rather’s signature makes you pause and ponder… courage followed by Kathy Griffin’s signature makes you snort and giggle.  She is just so damn funny I can’t stand it.

Lily Tomlin thinks the Paramount is one of the most beautiful theatres she has ever played and (unlike Griffin) when Judith Ivey echoed the sentiment a few months later , she was serious.  Often times a “thank you” like the one from John Prine is actually a message to our amazing backstage crew headed up by Mary Nelson and Denise Brouillette.  Those two women really know how to make our celebrities feel special.