Reynolds Wrap


The first night of Fantastic Fest at the Paramount wrapped up with Ryan Reynolds giving a Q&A from stage after the screening of his newest movie, Buried.   Maybe the film should be…

I got to meet Mr. Reynolds briefly when we pulled together a temporary Green Room upstairs in order to get him out of the line of fire from fan photos  a.k.a. cell phone cameras.  I started the evening thinking that I wanted a photo with him, but by the time I had my chance I decided instead to give him a little privacy… or should I say dignity?  Either way he was very nice, but it reminded me that sometimes it is nicer to meet  a celebrity than to be a celebrity.  I did appreciate, however, the stage crew’s attempts to score me that photo.

Fantastic Fest continues again tomorrow night with Stone – Edward Norton’s newest film with Robert Di Niro.  Norton will be dealing with the cell phones as well.  I am sure…


5 responses to “Reynolds Wrap

  1. OMG he is sooooooo hot!!!!!!!!

  2. I want to have his baby.

  3. Ryan’s not Ken’s

  4. I wouldn’t mind having a little side order of THAT with my morning toast!

  5. I’m with Margaret

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