Things we have found along the way…


Well the answer to the question in the previous post is YES.   Today we learned the problem is a big deal and will most likely require  some tunneling.  Life with a 95-year-old theatre…  (donations anyone?)

But for now, I would like to turn your attention towards something slightly more fun.  Above are pictures of items we have found beneath the balcony and in other long forgotten areas of the theatre. 

The beer cans need no explanation and that Nestle’s candy wrapper about “fighting food” is fantastic.   Some ticket stubs… but of course.    However,  I really can’t explain how the egg carton got there…


9 responses to “Things we have found along the way…

  1. Very cool, Ken. We love your building. Good luck with the dig. We made a donation yesterday to help out.

  2. We love the Paramount too. Looking forward to the movie next week. Will there really be a tunnel? Sent in a donation…

  3. Ken,
    Thanks for the story of the chocolate bar. As I said last night, my dad ran the projector on the weekends when he was stationed at Bergstrom. I know there were thousands of service men who sought escape from the gathering storm at the Paramount, but I like to think of my 24 year old dad in his uniform, watching a movie from the projection booth and eating a chocolate bar.

  4. Ken,
    It hasn’t happened in quite awhile but egging a performer was one way to let them know you didn’t appreciate the show. That’s my take on the egg carton.

  5. Egg Carton? Probably left over from Roberta Flack’s last performance.
    Just saying…

  6. AWESOME relics!!!!

  7. Ha ha ha ha

  8. If you find a single pearl clip on earring it is mine.
    I lost it in 1948.

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