Cell Phone Divorce

This past week we hosted the World Premiere of Predators – the Robert Rodriquez produced, Nimrod Antal directed follow-up to those old Arnold  Schwarzenegger movies.  The special effects are every bit as good as you would expect from a Rodriguez / Troublemaker Studios flick.  The storyline, however, was a bit hard for me to follow as I never really watched the original Predator movies… how many were there anyway?

Adrien Brody is charming in person.  Robert Rodriguez remains the proverbial kid in a candy shop – a quality that works well for him.  Go see the movie if you like special effects, alien monsters, green blood and guts.

In truth, I had more fun before the movie standing in the lobby while a few hundred guests surrendered their cell phones.  Typical at a premiere for a major release, security was in full force to make sure no one entered the auditorium with any type of electronic device… no cameras and especially no cell phones.

I had to laugh.  You would have thought the studio was asking people to give up their first-born.  Some patrons literally wept as they parted with their cell phone.  Others argued about baby sitters and small children who would not make it through the two hours of no cell phone contact.  Can I come out here and check to see if I have any messages during the movie?  more than one asked.  Many cursed the policy and threatened lawsuits if anything were to happen to their confiscated phone.  I never go anywhere without my phone, one patron declared, as they refused to surrender the devise deciding instead to skip the movie.

A few weeks ago, my cell phone was temporarily lost.  I remember thinking that it was like ending a long-term relationship… a divorce of sorts.  The first few days I felt lost without it.  How would I survive?  Then a sense of relief and freedom set in.  I was no longer shackled to the ole’ ball and chain.  Before it was finally found, I remember almost getting to a place of remembrance to a time before the cell phone had come into my life.  I think I might have even smiled for a bit.

But back to the premiere.  It was lots of fun and it made me think that it really would be nice if we could confiscate cell phones before every film at the Paramount.


5 responses to “Cell Phone Divorce

  1. Two Thumbs Up!!!!

  2. Take my cell phone…but I will die with my cigarette lighter. Back off and nobody gets hurt!

  3. Sylvie Morganstern

    Any chance you people could book Eydie Gourme? I love her.

  4. Ken – thanks for putting the Paramount into the blogosphere! You are equally charming in print as you are in person. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on cell phones. I may be one of the only people in Austin to not have one.

    Cell-phone free for over 50 years……..Jody the usher

  5. It it is possible to live without cell phones, just ask Jonathan Richman.

    Yes, please book Eydie Gormé!

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