Drinking from the cup of Anthony Bourdain


I am a complete nerd… a total dork.  The last time Anthony Bourdain was at the Paramount I actually introduced him to the audience by saying, “I have no idea who Anthony Bourdain is, but the show is sold out tonight and all of you seem very excited to be here.”  Honestly, that is what  I said.

So I left the stage and took my seat and by the end of the show, I was a fan.  Kitchen Confidential became a must-read and The Travel Channel’s  No Reservations was added to my DVR list.  How could I have been the only person in Austin not to know about him?  And the wierd part was that he simply stood on stage and told stories and answered questions.  Unscripted.  Unedited.  Until that night, I thought I was the only one who was freaked out by Giada De Laurentiss’ enormous head.

So he is back at the Paramount.  Sold out show.   As popular as ever.  And this time, I can’t wait to meet him, but I keep thinking about a certain episode of No Reservations.  I can’t remember what part of the world he was in, but some women spent the day chewing on bark or a plant or something until it became mush in their mouth.  Then they spit the juice into a cup and when it was full handed it to Anthony.    Even if you didn’t see the episode, I am sure you can guess what came next.

So this time when I introduce him, I will know who he is.  And I can honestly tell the audience that I am excited to welcome back to the Paramount one of the most unusual celebrities I have ever met.


17 responses to “Drinking from the cup of Anthony Bourdain

  1. Love him. Can’t wait to see him again. My husband has no idea who he is either, but I don’t care.

  2. She does have a big head.

  3. Loved the show. Glad you got to know him. He is incredible.

  4. The show was terrific. Bring him back. I loved your intro last time and this time too, Ken!!!

  5. Just got in fromt he show. Wow. He is amazing. Thank you for bringing him to town. Do you know where he ate today?

  6. i was there last night and saw your introduction. i loved it. honest and humble.

    how did you like the veal tongue?

    did you try the sweetbread?

    i was sitting by your dinner party 🙂 Didn’t know it was you and admitting this might come across as a little stalkerish.

  7. You are kidding? You didn’t know who he was and yet you got to meet him? Not fair. You have a cool job my friend. I would die to meet him.

  8. Hey man I didn’t know who he was either. My girlfriend made me go. He rocked, but there is no way anyone is getting me to eat veal tongue.

  9. Margaret Talley

    I was expecting him to cook something.

  10. He used the F word too much for my taste

  11. I felt like he kept staring at the top of my head for some reason. I still love him.

  12. I loved his ring.

  13. I wish you would bring Michael Bolton to the theatre…or maybe Chaka Kahn. They both can scream a song like nobody’s business.

  14. Harper Tillman

    Is that Chelsea Clinton wearing a black hat in the photo above??

  15. Brad Jackson

    It’s Diane Keaton. Right?

  16. There was a photographer at the meet and greet and I am looking for the pictures they took. Could someone please direct me? Thank you.

  17. Ben,

    Contact Maica Jordan at the theatre. mjordan@austintheatre.org The photographer was Marc Brown.

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