A Governor’s Job Is Never Done


I love hearing stories about the rich history of the Paramount.  Most recently I heard this one and had to laugh out loud:

Along about 1925 or so, humorist and movie star Will Rogers was in Austin to play the Paramount.  His friend and Governor of Texas, Ma Ferguson, invited him to dinner at the Governor’s Mansion before his show.  How convenient that the mansion is just down the street and around the corner from the theatre.  There would be plenty of time to have dinner and be back for the show…

After dinner Will headed to the theatre and Ma promised she would not be far behind.   She was looking forward to enjoying his show from her seat in the Opera Box.   Arriving a bit late, Governor Ferguson caused quite a stir as audience members watched her tardy arrival in the box.   Will stopped the show and jokingly asked what had taken her so long. 

 “I had to do the dishes,” she replied.


One response to “A Governor’s Job Is Never Done

  1. superfunny- I wonder what she was really doing?

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