Long-time Friends

Jaston Williams and Joe Sears were at the theatre most of today running through some of the new material they’ve worked into their current show, Tuna Does Vegas.  They head off to Washington DC next week for a run at the Warner Theatre.  They’ll be back in Austin for an encore performance over the Thanksgiving weekend.  I can’t wait to see what new material they introduce.  It’s hard to believe these Tuna characters have been hanging around the Paramount for nearly 30 years.

I visited with Jaston briefly to discuss a possible event honoring Cactus Pyror that is in the works.   Cactus is a long-time friend of theatre and our youth outreach program (Skinny’s Gallery) is named in honor of his father, Richard “Skinny” Pryor.  Skinny owned a movie  theatre in Austin and was known for his generosity with the children of Austin.

The event planning committee includes KLBJ’s Don Pryor and Mark Ceasar.


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