To Kill a Mockingbird

Montana Repertory Theatre’s production of To Kill a Mockingbird played to a full house on this cold and rainy night in March.  Despite the weather, patrons seemed eager for the show and backstage the cast seemed eager for the patrons.

Usually actors are very focused and not really in the mood to visit with “that guy who makes the dreaded stage announcement”, but tonight I met Kathleen Conry who played Maudie Atkinson.  Kathleen wanted to tell me about the show and, in particular, how exciting it was to play in such a beautiful theatre.  “It’s like being inside a beautiful temple,” she said much to my delight.  And just before I went on stage to make the announcement she said, “I can actually feel the energy from the audience all the way back stage.  It’s really amazing.”

Harper Lee’s novel has become so much more meaningful 50 years after it was written and this dramatization from Christopher Sergel was not wasted on tonight’s enthusiastic audience.


3 responses to “To Kill a Mockingbird

  1. That was excellent! Loved it.

  2. It was a good performance, but hard to watch considering the subject matter. Very relevent for today…

  3. Were any birds harmed during this production?

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