When two tours collide



So what do you do when two great performers find themselves in Austin on the same night?  Well, if you are Lietza Brass, the Programming Director and General Manager for the Paramount Theatre, you put them both on stage and see what happens.

That is what we did Saturday night, and it was a magical Valentine’s Evening for the audience that night.  Ann Hampton Calloway and Ramsey Lewis had never played together before but if Saturday night was any indication, they’ll be together again soon.

The audience was treated to equal parts of Ann Hampton-Callaway and Ramsey Lewis – some together and some apart.  If you were a fan of one and not the other, you probably left a fan of both.  It was a superb evening of New York style cabaret meets legendary jazz with the Paramount as the backdrop making it all the more perfect.

Backstage I learned that Ann wasn’t feeling 100%.  The audience never knew.   And Ramsey Lewis got to once again meet with his favorite East Austin fans from the Keys of Life program.   The Paramount introduced Mr. Lewis to these amazing students the last time he played the Paramount.


One response to “When two tours collide

  1. I had no idea he had so many children!

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