So Many Reasons to Love Chris Botti But One Reason to Hate My IPhone

botti-on-stage botti

So, I really do like my IPhone but it has the worst camera feature of any cell phone I have owned.  See for yourself based on the picture above (left) which I took backstage at the Chris Botti concert.  I was only about 15 feet away from Chris when I snapped this shot.

Here’s the deal.  In 2004, Botti was picked by People Magazine as one of their 50 most beautiful people – as evidenced by the nice photo next to my pathetic one.  And yes, he is that good looking but you really don’t get the full picture until you see him live in concert.  It was hard to decide what I liked best.  The way he looked.  The way he played that horn.  The funny stories he told.  The incredible band that backed him up.    Truly this Oregon native is the complete package and I know the audience tonight was in love with the performer and the performace.

Word from backstage:  no sound check necessary. He’s that talented.


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