OK. Now I can die.


It’s hard to describe people’s reaction to Carol Burnett.  It’s as if everyone thinks of her as the mother who was mistakenly separated from them at birth.  She was in town so they called to let us know that now was finally their chance to reunite.  So many people called and wrote with reasons for why they had to meet her if even for a brief moment. 

She is clearly loved and adored… worshipped almost.   But it was clear why she is held in such high esteem after meeting her and seeing her performance.  In person, she is everything you want her to be.  Kind.  Gracious.  Generous.   Funny.   And beautiful.  I am usually just so nervous when I am backstage but after making my stage announcement there she was waiting in the wings to go on.  I didn’t just say hello.  I gave her a kiss on the cheek and like a kid with a crush I said, “You are just so wonderful.”   She smiled.  And she was.

I won’t put it in print here, but next time you see me at the theatre, ask me about the conversation between Carol and her old friend Cactus Pryor.  I bet I could make a fortune selling the story to People Magazine.   But I wouldn’t dare.

Here was her datebook at a glance.  Thrusday: Arrive Austin late afternoon.  Visit Paramount.  Dinner at Perry’s where the portions were a bit too big.  Friday: Rehearsal all day.  Pictures with staff and crew.  Dinner at Shoreline.  Show at Paramount.   Saturday:  Relax.  Dinner at Four Seasons.  Show at Paramount.  Sign our signature wall backstage. Sunday:  Early flight to Fort Worth.

I have met her and now I can die.


2 responses to “OK. Now I can die.

  1. J. Blake Miller

    What an amazing show it was! And, to get a hug from her onstage was a wonderful feeling – one I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thanks Paramount for another great show!!!

  2. The show was AWESOME!! The Austin Theatre Allaince nevers ceases to amaze.

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