Carol Burnett Up Close and Personal


Seeing Carol Burnett in a theatre the size of the Paramount is a rare opportunity.  Typically she would perform at a larger performing arts center.  So how did we get her to the Paramount?   Well, when we heard she was going out on a small tour that included Fort Worth, we asked if she might be willing to come a day earlier and add a stop in Austin.  The agent’s response was “Sure.  Do you have a private jet?”   A few calls to a few friends of the theatre later and we called back with a jet ready to bring her to Austin.  I think the agent might have been a little surprised we pulled that one off.  By the way, I’m not sure if it’s for Carol but someone ordered a cheddar cheese sandwich on wheat bread, dry and plain to be part of the jet’s catering service.

The show is almost sold out but you can sill get tickets here.  I can’t wait to blog about what is what like to meet one of my favorite entertainers.   Don’t miss this opportunity to see her in such an intimate setting – even more intimate than the CBS Television City Studio 33 where The Carol Burnett Show was taped years ago!

Speaking of The Carol Burnett Show… I remember watching that show every week as a child with my mother.  Because I have 5 brothers, I asked my Mom recently why I only remember it being just the two of us watching.  Evidently, Carol was the reason we got a second television set.   My mom got tired of competing with my father and brothers who wanted to watch football.   Now what does that say about me that I was watching the Carol Burnett show while all my brothers were watching football?


2 responses to “Carol Burnett Up Close and Personal

  1. Hi Ken, Maica, Lori, Jett and all our other Paranount friends!!

    We are so excited about the show on Saturday – we can’t wait. Still need to make dinner reservations (Hopefully at Ruth’s Chris) – maybe y’all can join us for a cocktail before trhe show, our treat!! Carol is welcome too. Just let us know.

  2. I loved the show last night. As usual, I wish it could have gone on longer…

    Also, I would have loved it if she would have turned off the mic when she did the Tarzan yell. I know the acoustics of our great theatre would have embraced it.

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