How do you get a kid to enjoy writing?

literacy-to-life literacy-to-life-2

Just tell him or her that you will turn the story into a play…

That’s what we did with third graders from Matthews Elementary and it was a huge success.  The Literacy to Life Program is a partnership between Matthews Elementary, The University of  Texas and the Paramount Theatre.  Students worked on journals for six weeks and the best stories were turned into short plays that were acted out for the whole school by graduate students from the University of Texas.  All of this was coordinated by Nataniel Miller, Education and Outreach Director for the Paramount Theatre.

I was able to attend the performanceand I learned three things.  First, third graders have amazing imaginations.  Second,  graduate students and third graders are actually a lot alike.  And finally, arts in education is a must.  We really need more of it.

Thanks to the generous support from donors, we have greatly expanded our education and outreach efforts at the theatre.  The Literacy to Life Program being piloted at Matthews is just one of many new programs offered by the Paramount in an effort to create a life-long appreciation for the arts. 

I’ll update you periodically on other programs throughout the coming year…


One response to “How do you get a kid to enjoy writing?

  1. How wonderful. What a great idea. You are doing just a great job with the Paramount. Everyone is so happy with having our Paramount alive and well these days. I have seen some of the best shows ever there.

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