Tuna Encore


Jaston and Joe are back and I have to say they are better.  Not to suggest that I didn’t enjoy Tuna Does Vegas last year –  I did.   But this year the show seems to have a zippier feel.  It would be easy to assume the changes in the 2nd Act are the reason (especially the showgirls), but it’s more than that.  The costume changes seem faster – a feat that always delights audiences for Tuna shows.  And both Jaston and Joe seem to be enjoying it more this time around.  For me, I think, it’s seeing it post-election.  Some of the jokes were painful to laugh at last year because they hit a little too close to home.  This year, the pressure seems to be gone and I was able to just relax, enjoy and laugh… a lot.  Welcome home Jaston and Joe!

I got a few moments with Jaston back stage right before curtain.  Normally I try to stay out of the way when artists are getting ready to take the stage.  Jaston, however, came over and asked how the family was doing.  Mine is well.  So is his.  And both of us think the kids are growing up way too fast.

If you saw the show last year, come back.  You’ll enjoy it even more.  If you haven’t seen it yet – one week only so hurry…


One response to “Tuna Encore

  1. Loved it.

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