I love kd lang more than Cher…


For those of you who know me, loving something more than Cher is a huge step for me.  Huge.  But tonight I fell hook, line and sinker for k.d. lang.  Easily the most beautiful and pure voice ever to play the Paramount stage.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  I sat in the theatre and cried like a big baby when she sang Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.

Earlier that day, I knew something great was about to happen when I listened in on her sound check.   I don’t know if she just took the extra time to get the audio equipment down perfect or if she has a voice so perfect that she can overcome any audio equipment…  I just know that if was perfect and I am a fan for life.

After sound check she gave a quick interview to the afterellen.com blog.

The house was sold-out – every seat filled with subscribers.  Only a few single tickets actually went on sale to the general public due to subscriber demand for our Leading Ladies Series featuring kd lang, Lily Tomlin and Dr. Maya Angelou.


5 responses to “I love kd lang more than Cher…

  1. thanks for the photo and review. kd was recently in ct and it was a wonderful show. i’ve seen her several times and she gets better and better. i’m glad you enjoyed and have a fun weekend.

  2. I do believe that was the most amazing show I have ever seen at the Paramount. I was in awe.

  3. Yes. I have figured it out. Hmmm.

  4. I first saw kd in Melbourne Australia. I have never heard such a pure voice in a singer as l do with kd. She sings solely from the HEART & SOUL. I could see & feel it with every song.

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