Dame Edna Told Me to Keep Quiet! I Think I Love Her…


I am still laughing after our press conference with Dame Edna today.  She looked incredible and was so funny.  Among other things she talked about Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama’s fashion sense.   Evidently Dame was instrumental in getting Barbara Bush to stop wearing polyester!   She also had a few fashion recommendations for Carole Keeton Strayhorn of all people.

The Dame loves Austin but she does think we need to reduce the bat population just a tad.  The Paramount is so excited to host the world premiere for the 2008-09 North American Tour of her brand new show Dame Edna:  My First Last Tour.

I tried to bring the press conference to an end but she told me to be quiet.   So I did.

I can’t wait for the show.  I suggest you “dress” for the occasion.  Oh, and I just learned that the famous blogger Helen Philpot is coming to the show on Saturday.  I am a big fan and can’t wait to meet her!


3 responses to “Dame Edna Told Me to Keep Quiet! I Think I Love Her…

  1. Ken, Gary and I are looking forward to the show! Thank you for the drinks before Mo Rocco; that was a great evening.

  2. Did Helen Philpot turn up?

  3. So… Did Helen Philpot show?

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