You are the star of our stage…


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Our first ever Karaoke night at the Paramount was a blast.  Subscribers and donors were invited to come down and take the mic on our stage.  Who knew we had so much talent sitting in our seats each night.  I had so much fun watching as one performer after another was blown away by our historic stage.  Good, bad and in-between – it didn’t matter.  Everyone had fun and the open bar didn’t hurt!  But I have to admit…all night long people wanted me to sing and all night long I kept saying there wasn’t enough alcohol in the house to get me to the mic… but clearly I was wrong.  At the end of the night, about 40 people stormed the stage and joined me for the absolute worst (but most fun) rendition of Cher’s “If I Could Turn Back Time” ever to be performed… it was Ha-larious.  Pictures to be posted here.


4 responses to “You are the star of our stage…

  1. Had a fantastic time, Ken! And don’t sell yourself short – you were the STAR of that rendition of “If I Could Turn Back Time”. Killer!

  2. My husand Jim videotaped much of the night, and we watched when we got home. VERY COOL!!!! Whenever we saw people today my young son Jimmy, who was at the karaoke event with my husnad and I last evening, kept saying “Mama, tell them what we did at The Pyramid.” We are working on “The Paramount” versus “The Pyramid” – ha. Jimmy also said “Mama, I forgot to help you sing ‘Things That Make You Go Hmmm’ when we were on stage.’ Too funny!!

  3. Whoa! Let’s do that again! Thank you, Ken, and all the staff. I love to laugh AND sing and be around people that enjoy the same! It’s always such a treat to just walk into the theatre . . . much less be on the historic stage!

  4. If I could turn back time I’d go for another round of karaoke at the Paramount! What a Blast! You couldn’t have asked for a more supportive crowd. And Ken, you made a great back-up dancer 🙂

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