Sufer (comma) Dude…

Matthew McConaughey was back at the Paramount to premiere Surfer, Dude his latest film directed by S.R. Bindler.  Not surfer dude but rather surfer with a long pause followed by dude. Matthew has a long history with the Paramount with premieres like Sahara (which packed the Paramount to the rafters) and Ed TV  (which included a generous donation from Ron Howard and Matthew to upgrade the theatre’s sound system.)

Matthew looks as fit as ever and was as nice as ever backstage.  The movie has lots to offer if you are a McConaughey fan – a lot of dude but very little surfer – and looked like a nice fundraiser for the Austin Film Society.


2 responses to “Sufer (comma) Dude…

  1. Brenda Thompson

    Lots of dude, but what about NUDE?

  2. Ha! A lot of skin but very little nude… no full.

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