OK.  So we are still scratching our heads at just how well the annual Gala went this year.  We broke fund-raising records and even Kris Kristofferson was surprised when his autographed guitar sold for $25,000.  You can read about the evening in a blog entry I made after the show. After his fantastic show, Kris signed a poster for us so now we are wondering if a little of that gala magic is still hanging around.

 We raise money for two primary purposes.  First, we want to make sure the Paramount gets the much needed TLC it needs to remain a landmark for everyone to enjoy.  This summer we’re putting a new roof on her.  Second, we want the next generation to fall in love with the theatre too, so we have programs to bring thousands of children to shows at either free or drastically reduce priced tickets.

So here is the drill.  I’m not EBay so don’t look for any sophisticated bidding software.  Simply leave a comment with the amount you want to bid and I’ll sort it all out.  Bid as often as you like and remember the winning bid is considered a donation for tax purposes.  You are bidding on a commemorative poster signed by Kris Kristofferson backstage after the show that took place May 17, 2008 at the Paramount.

Bids close at 5:00PM on Wednesday, June 11.  Good luck… and thank you so much for all the support.




  1. Tracey Johnson

    I’ll bid $50.

  2. Mark Weiss

    I’ll bid $100.

  3. I’ll bid $75. I loved the show and we had a blast at the Gala.

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