Did that really happen?

The dust is still settling but the number is quickly approaching $575,000.  Wow.  I am humbled by the community’s show of support for the Paramount.  The evening was filled with many surprises.  In fact, I had no idea that Will Sexton was to take the stage until… well, he took the stage with Idgy Vaughn.  My favorite picture above is the one of the tent with the yellow lane lines reminding us that this all happened ON Congress Avenue.  Oh, and that picture of Kris Kristofferson with the guitar winners… but mainly because I really liked my jacket!

The tent was more than 2 football fields in length with over 20,000 square feet total.  Dinner for 800.  The auction featured over 270 items.  Brooklyn Lane played on the street, Will Sexton and Idgy Vaughn opened, Kris Kristofferson was on the Paramount’s main stage.  Dysfunkshun Junkshun played the tent.

After his guitar sold for $25,000 Kristofferson commented, “This is crazy.”  Backstage his wife remarked, “There will be no living with him now.”


3 responses to “Did that really happen?

  1. J. Blake Miller

    Yep, it really happened – and, you all put on another amazing Gala. Kudos all around for everyone’s hard work (it showed) and a wonderful evening!!!

  2. Pat Mercado

    Unbelievably GREAT event – and I’ve been to many!!

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