Magical Evening

Tonight (Tuesday) I will try to get pictures, but for now I am just excited that we have another sold out show featuring Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, John Hiatt and Joe Ely.  Wow.  What a show they put on last night.  I mean that was one for the history books.  Oh – and Guy, the no smoking thing is more about the no sprinkler thing in a historic theatre and less about California – but by all means sit back and enjoy that prop as long as nobody in the audience tries to join the act…

If you were not at the show, let me try to describe the evening.  Packed house.  Packed.  Bars opened at 7 and stayed busy until the boys took the stage at 8:15.  (Then stayed busy enough to keep them open past 9).  Four singer/song-writer legends on stage with four guitars and four chairs.  The only other items on stage were the tables to hold their drinks and few sound monitors so they could hear one another.

Clark opens with a story and a song…pass to Joe who does the same… pass to John who continues the rhythm and then to Lyle who tells stories as well as he sings songs.   Sometimes it was one or two together and sometimes it was all three.   Telling stories with and without music for two solid hours – no intermission. 

All of this in the Paramount.  Died and gone to heaven…

Stupid me forgets to tell people to turn off their cell phones during my curtain speech.   Really people.  Do we still have to remind you of that?


2 responses to “Magical Evening

  1. Truly the best show I have ever seen.

  2. AWESOME show last night!!! I truly felt like the show was a once in a life time experience for the whole crowd. I just wanted to take the 4 guys home with me!! I brought someone that just moved from NYC and even she was wowed at the performance and the theater. Truely an Austin experience that I will never forget.

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