THIS JUST IN – Top 2 Bidders will get tix – read the comments


Ever since taking this job, I have wanted to see Lyle Lovett on our stage.  I know that he is a big fan of the Paramount and has even said that watching music shows here when he was younger made him want to be a musician. Next week I finally get to see him perform and amazingly the bill includes Guy Clark, Joe Ely and John Hiatt.  Wow.  So I used my “connections” and scored 4 front row seats… and then the calls started.  My brother in Houston.  My brother in San Antonio.  My brother in Round Rock.  Honestly, if my sister wasn’t all the way out in South Carolina, I am sure she would be here too.  We’re a close family so I wouldn’t dream of not sitting together, but there is one problem – not enough seats in the front row.

So now I have 4 front row seats with nobody to use them, and that is where you come in.  As I have said many times, the Paramount no longer has enough seating to have commercial value in the entertainment world and to add seats would destroy its historic integrity. It exists today only because the community values its history more than its ability to make money.  When you buy a ticket, you are supporting the show.  When you make a donation, you are saving the theatre for future generations to enjoy.

To bid on 4 FRONT ROW seats to the Monday night show (and complimentary beverages) leave your bid amount in a comment.  The tickets are valued at $400 so anything above that amount is a donation.  This isn’t EBay so don’t expect a fancy auction.  Bid as often as you like and each evening I will sort it all out and post the highest bidder.  The winning bid at 5:00PM on Friday, May 2 gets the tickets.  The bid must be confirmed before tickets are issues.  Winner gets 4 tickets, 8 drink coupons and two parking passes.  Let the bidding begin… and good luck!


20 responses to “THIS JUST IN – Top 2 Bidders will get tix – read the comments

  1. As my texting son would say, OMG! Yes, I have had my heart set on this concert but by the time I got a response from my friend Richard Everitt at McCormick&Schmitt saying they would LOVE to go….it was too late. I couldn’t bear to see my faves from upper/upper…especially when I used to stand on stage at Liberty Lunch and rock out to ‘Musta Notta Gotta Lotta’! So since I notta gotta tickets, here’s my bid! I’ll start at $500.

  2. I bid $550.oo dollars

  3. Mandy Dealey

    I bid $400 for 2 seats on Monday. Is that possible, and you can auction the other 2? If not, then I will bid $750 for the 4 tickets.

  4. $875

  5. Helga Norstrom

    Are these tickets for the Osmond Family ReUnion Show???


  7. As a “Volunteer Fundraiser Helper-Type Person” (how’s that for a title) for the Austin Theatre Alliance – as well as a professional fundriaiser by trade – I say YOU GO MIKE BEAM!!!!

  8. P.S. You guys know I meant porfessional fundraiser – although professional fundriaiser may be a whole new job category, ha!! I’m not in on the bidding (yet?) – it’s a babysitter thing.

  9. Okay I’m done – porfessional?!?!

  10. We end day one with a bid at $1,000. Thanks Mike!

  11. Lianna Mills

    Ok, I’ve been back several times today. We will see what I put in tomorrow evening. I want those tix!

    Watch out Mike!

  12. I’m in for $1200.

  13. So Randy has it at $1,200, but beware… A couple of bidders are waiting in the wings… bids end at 5:00 on Friday. All comments are date and time stamped, so we’ll know the winner right at 5. Thanks everyone.

  14. My box office didn’t realize what night I was coming, so I have tickets for both Monday and Tuesday’s shows. Top bidder gets to pick which night he/she wants and then I will contact other bidder to see if the other show will work!!!! Only top bidder is obligated. Second bidder can pass if you don’t want the tickets.

  15. Lianna Mills

    Ok, I’m $2000.
    Now this is for 4 tix right? Just trying to be clear.



  16. Lianna Mills

    I won! Ok now what do I do?

  17. YES. FOUR TICKETS!! Congratulations to Lianna. And Randy, I will call you after hearing from Lianna what night she wants to come.

    THANK YOU TO ALL BIDDERS! You are the best and the Paramount will be here for a long, long, long time thanks to your support.

  18. Lianna Mills

    Ken, I want Monday night.

  19. Pat Mercado

    AWESOME response for an AWESOME cause!!!!!

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