Even if you didn’t have the initials JC, we would still think you walked on water for a $1,000 bid!!!!

Garrison Keillor


One of my favorite things about the Paramount is how intimate the space is considering there are 1,300 seats.  Even the back row feels like part of the show.  HOWEVER, if you have never sat in the front row then you really haven’t experienced just how “up close and personal” it can be.  When we are not using the orchestra pit, three rows of seats are added down front – AA, BB and CC.  When you sit in AA you are literally a few feet from your favorite entertainer.  I sit there whenever I can, but now I want you to experience that.    So let’s raise some much needed funds for the theatre by auctioning off 4 front row (AA) seats and free drinks for Garrison Keillor on April 22 at the Paramount.  (2 drinks per guest – hey, it’s not a rock-n-roll show!)

To bid simply leave a comment.  I will update the high bid each day so you will know if you are the highest.  You can keep bidding as much you like.  This isn’t EBay so don’t expect a formal auction.  Just leave a comment with the total  amount you want to bid for ALL FOUR tickets.   The winning bid must be confirmed before tickets are issued.  The market value of the four tickets is $330 so anything above that is considered a tax deductible donation and will go towards ongoing preservation and community outreach for the theatres.  Bidding closes at 5PM on Friday, the 18th.

Good luck.


25 responses to “Even if you didn’t have the initials JC, we would still think you walked on water for a $1,000 bid!!!!

  1. I’ll bid $300.

  2. I will bid $400.

  3. I would like to bid 500.00 please.

  4. My bid is $575.00

  5. I’m sure it’ll be a great show. PHC has grown on me, and I do enjoy the Writer’s Almanac on KUT. Enjoy yourselves.

  6. I bid $850, but mostly I want to say that even though Garrison did NOT give me a mattress for my fabulous poem about Spring, last year, I still love him for coming to Austin and bringing his wonderful sound effects guy, because I got to introduce him to my brother. When we were kids, my brother, Perry, could make amazing sound effects. I took him to the live recording at PAC and the reception, afterwards. Then, I introduced him to the sound effects guy whom I absolutely love listening to and, immediately, he started sharing his tricks and ideas with my brother. Garrison, you rock. I will listen to any radio station that broadcasts Prairie Home Companion and I will come see you wherever you perform. ❤ <3,

  7. As of Tuesday evening at 11:00, the high bid is $850, and as wonderful as that is, let’s not stop there. Keep bidding. Next season we have a goal to bring 10,000 kids to the theatre with free or discounted tickets and these types of donations help. Thank you so much.

    To bid leave a comment with your amount. I will contact you by email if you win. The bids close at 5:00 on Friday. The show is April 22. Good luck.

  8. Helga Norstrom

    I don’t know, Ken…will 10,000 kids FIT in the theater?? I know I wouldn’t want to be in the audience…I’m just saying…

  9. Well, they are pretty small kids…

  10. Let’s go $900.00

  11. Betty Fairchild

    Oh Mark T, who ever you are, I LOVE YOU!!! $900.00….you are the best and just remember…it’s for the children…

  12. Betty – are you bidding? Or are you just admiring Mark’s bid? $900 WOW!!!! Until we get clarification from Betty, we will assume Mark has the high bid at $900. WOW. Wow. Wow.

  13. Betty Fairchild

    Oh, dear me…no…I was just amazed at Mr. T’s lovely bid…sorry for the confusion…I’m old, it comes naturally. Bid on, Dears!!!

  14. I’m not bidding, but have to say that I LOVE this approach to getting great tickets. I was fortunate enough to get 4 tickets to see Anthony Bourbain last year through this approach!!

  15. Alright. Im in at $1001.00

  16. i’m in @ $1050.00

  17. 1075.00 if i have to bid after the 5PM deadline to take over Marks 5:01 PM bid…

  18. All in good fun Mark

  19. Sorry everyone. I got pulled away for a few hours. All email are date stamped so I will look at who had the bid at 5PM. We just had four seats in the second row returned today by a subscriber who couldn’t use them, so maybe we can figure something out that will make everyone happy. I will email the winner off-line.


  20. Anthony “Bourbain” – what the heck was I doing there?? How about Anthony “Bourdain” – hello!! Anyway, congrats to the winner(s).

  21. And what do the initials JC mean? Am I revealing myself as some LARGE dunce by asking this question? At first I thought “Oh, Justin Timberlake, and then said “No, that’s JT!!” Then I thought, :Aha, Dalls revisited,” but again NO, as that was JR. HELP?!?! And hey, at least I get credit, and an “A” might I add, for honesty – ha!!

  22. Well only JC can tell us for sure what the initials stand for, but my “walk on water” reference was to Jesus Christ – and I certainly hope my little attempt at humor isn’t offensive to anyone.

  23. PS. Mark T. offered to keep his bid and take the second row seats that were returned so we really raised some great donations for the theatre. Thank you JC and Mark T and everyone who bid!

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