Oh those darn kids…in the hall!

Wednesday and Thursday night  were sold out shows for The Kids in the Hall.  We were the fourth stop on a 20 city tour and once again the Paramount was the place that could deliver the goods.  Comments from backstage suggested that Austin was the first city “where it all came together”.  I don’t know what the shows were like in Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio, but in Austin, Texas they were the bomb.  If you are in Texas check them out in Houston on the 22nd and  Dallas on the 23.

Before the show I was able to say hello to my favorite kid, Scott Thompson.  After the show I got to chat with Mark McKinney and now I am torn about who is my favorite kid.

Watching the comedic genius of this group was an evening tha won’t be easily forgotten, but getting to see them at the Paramount just made me realize even more that we are the absolute coolest theatre in Texas.  The Kids in the Hall from Canada selling out on Wednesday and Thursday and Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado from Britains oldest touring Opera company selling out Saturday and Sunday.  How cool is that?


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