Hannah Montana Say What?

hannah-montana-ds104.jpg school-buses-at-the-paramount.gif

If you are a girl between the ages of 4 and 14, Hannah Montana is the center of the universe. HUGE superstar.

My daughter was watching an episode called “We’re So Sorry Uncle Earl” on the Disney Channel this evening.  At one point Hannah leaves to go to her rehearsal and the establishing shot they cut to show you the “Tower of Blues” where she is going to perform is a shot of the Paramount Theatre.

How did that get to Disney and better yet do we get a cut of the profits?

You can see the shot of the Paramount at the very end of this YouTube clip:



4 responses to “Hannah Montana Say What?

  1. Can you introduce my daughter to Hannah?

  2. Betty Fairchild

    My grand daughter explained this all to me….you see….Hannah Montana isn’t a real person….Hannah Montana is Billy Ray Cyrus.

  3. I’m pretty sure BillyRay Cyrus isn’t a real person either!!! Ha Ha Ha

  4. i lover so much i like miley so much with her voice

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