SXSW and Helen Hunt almost wasn’t there…

helen-hunt.jpg kumar2.jpg 

Helen Hunt was at the Paramount and while she photographed beautifully, if she turned sideways she dissappeared… if she stuck out her tounge she could have been a zipper…  she’s at a weight these days that I haven’t experienced since I was a fetus… the Mad About You girl is skinny. Honestly.  Ushers today told me that they “hoped she wasn’t sick” and “I wanted to give her a candy bar from the concession stand.”     I hope she is OK because I love everything she does.

Always charming Neil Patrick Harris paid a visit to the Paramount bar and even remembered to tip – the lucky bartender was still talking about his $5 Doogie Houser tip the next day.

Congratulations to David Modigliani’s whose documentary CRAWFORD, about the tiny Texas town made world-famous when George W. Bush came to town, packed the Parmaount on Saturday. It plays the Paramount again next Saturday at 1:30.


2 responses to “SXSW and Helen Hunt almost wasn’t there…

  1. I was there too. It was painful to see how thin she was. It has to be some kind of eating disorder or something. Do you think she could be getting ready for some part where she has to be ill or something?

  2. Fetus? OMG that is hilarious. She’s always been thin, hasn’t she?

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