Name Dropping


You know, this blog really isn’t supposed to be one long, rambling name-dropping session, but we deal with so many celebrities that it sometimes seems that way.  Warning: this next part is all about name dropping…

Lily Tomlin called me at home tonight.  Really.  She left me a message and I called her back.  She’s a hoot. I think I might have caught her in the middle of dinner…

We’re bringing her in next season and another Austin non-profit was hoping to have her speak a few months earlier at their dinner.  Lily wanted to know if I was OK with that because she didn’t want her show at the Paramount to be harmed.  Of course, I said that would be fine.

The last time something like this happened with a different entertainer, the other non-profit threatened to “ruin us” if we did anything about it.  I won’t tell you who that other non-profit is…

 In fact, that was extremely thoughtful of Lily to call and ask so that the confrontation would be with her rather than between two non-profits.  I like Ms. Tomlin.  The last time she was at the theatre she sent me home with flowers for our babysitter.  “Thank your sitter for letting you come to the show.  Flowers should be nice, but you should still pay her as well!”.  What a hoot…

Tonight SWAT Team snipers were on the roof of the Paramount to make sure everything went well for the Obama rally.  I assume someone will call me if there is a problem…

 This is the last post for about a week as I am going to be out of commission until March 4…back just in time to vote.  See you then…


2 responses to “Name Dropping

  1. I have been a fan of Lily Tomlin for years. When the tickets go on sale I will be the first in line. If she called me at home, I would die. Just die.

  2. Helga Norstrom

    Ruth Buzzi called me at home once….unfortunately, I wasn’t home at the time.

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