Who is Eddie Izzard

eddie-izzard-3.jpg eddie-izzard-an02.jpg

Part comedian, part stage actor, part screen actor…part transvestite…but not really.

Emmy award winning…even got a 2007 Teen Choice Award nomination…

It really is difficult to pigeon-hole Eddie Izzard into any “type” of entertainer. And it’s really no easier to compare him to any other entertainer. The closest I can come to doing that is Lily Tomlin meets George Carlin meets Whoopi Goldberg meets Sandra Bernhardt meets Winston Churchill…

It’s just crazy how smart AND funny this guy is. The best I can tell you is that his show at the Paramount in June is a MUST SEE.


2 responses to “Who is Eddie Izzard

  1. Eddie looks at the world in a wonderfully skewed way. For example, he says the voice of God should be James Mason, and now I cannot think of God speaking in any other way! I cannot wait to see him live.

  2. My husband and I have been an Eddie fan for years. He is one of the smartest comics out there, really makes you think about the world and life – and we love the Riches!! We can’t wait to see him live!!!

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