Pretty in Pink

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Ballet Austin moved in this week so there is not much reason for me to be backstage.  With that in mind I thought I would share what I do when I don’t have to be at the theatre every night…

My good friend Laura at American Airlines introduced me to my new good friend Eryn at Longhorn Sports Network and, much to my surprise, I was invited to sit in a suite at the Frank Erwin Center to watch a UT Women’s Baketball Game with the legendary and always charming Jody Conradt.  I am such a fan of women’s college basketball so this was a treat beyond belief for me.

This week everyone was asked to wear pink to the game for Breast Cancer Awareness.  That’s a picture of me, Eryn and my marketing director, Stacey. Stacey has floor seats which leave me jealous each game… until now.

So that is what I do when I am not at the theatre… speaking of the theatre, we just booked English Superstar, Eddie Izzard.  He will be here later this year.  I am too excited.


6 responses to “Pretty in Pink

  1. Someone in the stands that night texted me to say I looked like a big goofball trying to get a close-up of Coach G. with my camera at the game! I was so excited that the photo didn’t turn out very well. At least I still have the big poster of her, and those new trading cards.

  2. MaryJo Schively

    Ken Stein IS Eddie Izzard…take a closer look…

  3. A week with no new posts–what’s up with that? Your fans might be going through withdrawal!

  4. I know. I know. I got that crud that has been going around and have been in bed for a week. It’s terrbile and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

  5. Ken, I hope you recovered in time to catch the Outlaw Trail last night. It was FANTASTIC! Have you ever thought about the fact that, while Austin has a lot of live music venues, very few have adequate seating for us aging baby boomers who cannot stand around all evening? The Paramount was a great venue for us, and Raul Malo brought the house down! MORE, MORE!

  6. AND I am SOOO pumped about Eddie Izzard coming!

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