Jaston Williams is a nut (in a good way)…


…but you already knew that.  He is back at the Paramount tonight with the world premiere of his one-man-show Cowboy Noises.  I didn’t get to see his last show (I’m Not Lying) but I hear it was terrific.  Jaston assures me that you didn’t need to see that one to enjoy this one.  I’ll know tonight.  Here is the discription of the show:

 He’s at it again! Voyaging east to adopt a 7-year old boy, Jaston’s latest solo effort offers a journey through time, space and memory. Watch the Beatles burst into a Panhandle parlor full of astonished cowboys and their kin. Ride a haunted Argentine taxi to an enchanting midnight epiphany. Get the real skinny about cheerleaders. And meet the captivating child who, inexplicably, chirps. It’s laughter, tears and outrage anew from the Tuna star and acclaimed creator of I’m Not Lying.


2 responses to “Jaston Williams is a nut (in a good way)…

  1. I wasn’t able to catch all of the ingredients in the casserole, but I’ve had that dsh before. Afterwards, I believe I made some cowboy noises of my own.

  2. I sincerely hope this play will tour. My family in Lubbock is chomping at the bits to travel back down memory lane and revisit the “Cowboy Noises” our own dad made as we watched the Beatles on Ed Sullivan!
    And Rae Lynn, I’m just grateful that after eating the “two bites of each dish” we didn’t have to face a Chinese public restroom!

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