Living the high life at the Highline…

mattdusk2.jpg raul-midon.jpg kevin-spencer.jpg

My last night in New York was incredible. After a great meal at Son Cubano in the Meatpacking District,  we walked two blocks to the Highline Ballroom to see Matt Dusk.  Matt was good – kind of a Frank Sinatra meets Rick Astley.  But as much as I enjoyed Dusk, nothing could have prepared me for how much I would enjoy Raul Midón .  It was easily one of the best live music experiences of my life.  I have no idea if Raul has ever been to Austin, but I intend to make sure he either returns or debuts real soon.  Either way, I suggest you be in the audience.

Back at the hotel bar having a night cap, we ran into Kevin Spencer.  Even at 1Am that guy is running on a full tank.  He taught me two magic tricks to show my daughter.  If his high energy personality is any indication, the Spencers Theatre of Illusion  show in May will be spectacular.


3 responses to “Living the high life at the Highline…

  1. Helga Norstrom

    I wish Freddie Fender was still alive….Now THAT, my friends, was a show man!

  2. MaryJo Schively

    And let’s not forget Vikki Carr…Now THAT, my friends, is a show man!

  3. Raul Midon rocks.

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