The Big Apple Review

spamalot.jpg chazz.jpg matt-dusk.jpg

Am off to NYC to see what shows are available for next season.  Among others I plan to see Spamalot (will miss Clay Aiken’s debut by a week), A Bronx Tale starring Chass Palminteri, The Gazillion Bubble Show and Matt Dusk.  Do you have a favorite show or entertainer?

 Back in Austin, we have added a second show of Cowboy Noises starring Jaston Williams.


2 responses to “The Big Apple Review

  1. My favorite is Matt Dusk. I’ve been a fan for years. I wish I lived in Canada so I could see him more often. I’ve been to 4 shows. One in LV, 2 in Cambridge, MA and one with Patrizio in Boston. If you’re a fan, I’m sure you’ve been on his website.

  2. MaryJo Schively

    Can you see about getting Phantom of the Opera starring Ruth Buzzi and Eric Estrada?

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