Happy New Year Possums – Edna is sick!


I have returned from the holiday break to some sad news.  It seems that Barry Humphries, the voice of Bruce the Shark in Finding Nemo, and the man who plays Dame Edna had to have emergency surgery over the weekend. He will be unable to travel in time to make his Austin premiere.  The show has been re-scheduled for the end of his North American tour on November 7-9.  Your existing tickets are valid for the new show so hang on to them.  More information will follow soon.

Now, if you ask Dame Enda about this, she will tell you a different story.  After all, she refuses to admit that Barry Humphries is anything other than her manager.  Here is the official message from the Megastar:

Dear Loyal Possums,

No woman is indestructible, not even me I am afraid. I have lived an unselfish life nurturing others with no thoughts for myself.  I call it “putting something back”  and I notice every little glamour puss has copied this phrase. However the other day my personal doctor, after the usual check up, told me there was a little feminine procedure I needed that could not wait. “Not botox!,” I said in horror.   “No,” he said snapping on his surgical gloves, “but if you want to go on putting it back  I have to take something out.” “What about my Austin possums,  and my adoring fans in Texas?” “They love you, and they will wait,” said Dr. Shadenfreude (a Tommy Lee Jones look alike). Texas is no country for sick Megastars, so I will see you in November (November 7-9, 2008) Possums, “You will be back at the height of your powers,” said the doctor – and I will. 

A joyous heart always. 

Dame Edna


4 responses to “Happy New Year Possums – Edna is sick!

  1. I hope he is OK. I will keep my tickets for the November date.

  2. November seems so far away. I can’t wait but I guess I have to.

  3. Aussies are made of tuff stuff and Our Grande Dame will be treading the boards, even bigger n louder than before.

  4. Helga Norstrom

    If it helps…I have a Drag Queen friend who could fill her shoes….Anita Bump…trust me, she is no Dame…

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