Nothing to talk about…

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Well, with Ballet Austin’s Nutcracker gracing our stage until Christmas, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of off-stage information to share.  But I did finally get pictures from the evening with Craig Ferguson.  Above left, is a picture of Craig receiving his certificate of Honorary Austin Citizenship from Arts Commissioner Kathleen Harman, which Craig left behind and still doesn’t appear on his on-line list of cities (maybe due to writers strike?).  Above center is Craig with our blog winner Marsha McNeese and her guests.  And finally there is a picture of me boring the hell out of our guest of honor.

When Craig was given his Honorary Citizenship, he didn’t believe that our Mayor’s name really is Will Wynn and he was equally amused by Council-member Brewster McCracken’s name. 

While Craig’s show was a blast, I am amazed that someone traveled over 1,000 miles to see him.  But then again, he seems to have a lot of fans who are crazy about him. I am sitting here trying to think if there is a celebrity out there like that for me… someone I would drive 1,000 miles to see… hmmmmm… no.


30 responses to “Nothing to talk about…

  1. Helga Norstrom

    What about Ruth Buzzi?

  2. 300 miles. tops.

  3. I travelled 1411 to see Craig Ferguson. He was worth every mile! Thanks for the pics!

  4. 1411 miles, that is…sorry for the omission

  5. I once drove 400 miles just to shake the hand of a man who shook hands with Elvis…true story.

  6. desperatewriter

    I LOVED the theater, and I LOVED the show. Well worth the road trip. The only thing that could have made it better was if I could have met him and had my copy of his book signed.

  7. Hello??….Elvis…true story.

  8. Mr. Schultz, Elvis left the building long ago.

    I think had Craig come primarily as an author, a book signing would have taken place in the lobby as Anthony Bourdain did recently or as David Sedaris does annually. But he came as a stand-up comedian – granted, a rather famous one. We did organize a reception after the show, which he agreed to attend – something few artists agree to do. It was very kind of him to do that. The problem with receptions is determing who gets invited – never an easy task. In this case we invited the show sponsor (KEYE) and our donors. Craig was so popular with our donors that we maxed out the room capacity long before we ran out of donors. I hate it when that happens because I truly believe someone who gives $5 is just a important as someone who gives $5,000.

    To balance things out during the year, we sometimes have receptions and only invite kids who are attending the show as part of our Skinny’s Gallery program – a program that distributes free tickets to non-profits serving kids in Central Texas. Truth be told – I enjoy those receptions much more than the other ones – and so do most of the artists.

    Many times, at the end of the night, we find ourselves wishing we had not planned a reception at all. Sometimes the magic should be enjoyed from a distance in order to keep it magical.

  9. Do you think Craig is having a Merry Christmas?

  10. I don’t know, Paul. Are you?

  11. blah, blah, blah

  12. You mean blog, blog, blog

  13. Helga Norstrom

    Aren’t all the tiny lights so pretty?

  14. I was at the show this weekend. It looks fabulous. Great job.

  15. desperatewriter

    No, I wasn’t complaining at all. 🙂 Please don’t take it that way.

  16. desperatewriter

    Oh yeah, A.J.? w

  17. desperatewriter

    Oops. Anyway, A.J.,my brother MARRIED a girl who’s father met John Wayne.

  18. I had a friend in high school whose Aunt dated Steve Martin. Does that count? And my mother’s quilting group made a quilt for Ted Danzen and Mary Steenburgen. Mary had come to town for a fundraiser I did. My mother and her guilting group were there and Mary said she had an unfinished guilt from Ted’s aunt. She sent them the pieces and they finished it for her and then she and Ted sent them all a picture, flowers and a sweet thank you note. Mary Steenburgen starred with Steve Martin in Parenthood.

    True story.

  19. that is funny – steve martin starred with mary steenburgen in parenthood – where did that come from?

  20. I once walked behind a man for nearly six blocks in New York City because I thought it was Al Pacino….turns out he wasn’t…and it was a woman.

  21. When I was in grad school in California I sat behind Mel Brooks and Ann Bancroft at the movies. We were watching Crossing Delancey starring Amy Irving. I don’t remember much of the movie because I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Ann.

  22. I bumped butts with Dennis Quaid for about 2 minutes in the Paramount lobby while we both talked to folks back to back – it was a BEAUTIFUL moment in my life. Also, my sister and brother were babysat by Natalie Wood in England in the late 60’s. Top that!

  23. Ok. The Natalie Wood incident is pretty good. We have a Board Member at the theatre who used to babysit Martie and Emily of the Dixie Chicks.

    My good freind is married to Tim Blake Nelson (from O Brother, Where Art Thou?)

    Today, Shirely MacLaine called me and we chatted for about an hour.

    Bring it on!

  24. MaryJo Schively

    “Alice” from the Brady Bunch changed my diaper at wedding reception in 1972.

  25. OK…don’t leave us waiting…WHAT did you and Shirley talk about for a whole HOUR? Did you know her in a previous life? I have a friend who lived in New York and her friends kept trying to fix her up on a blind date with a nice guy. She turned it down, not knowing it was WARREN BEATTY, Shirley’s brother, who was the starving but gorgeous piano player in the Village. She is still crying, after lo these many years.

  26. He’s so vain, I bet he thinks this blog is about him…

    Shirley is most likely hosting a spiritual awakening at The Crossings in January. Stay tuned…

  27. Bernice Kearney

    I have no idea if you remember me – I stumbled upon your site completely by accident (I was trying to find out more about Tuna Does Vegas). At any rate, we were classmates at St. Mary’s in San Antonio. How fantastic this whole internet thing is… I hope you’re well – it seems like things are going wonderfully for you. Please write or call – I’m in San Antonio, working in TV (still) at KSAT.
    All the best,

  28. Oh my gosh yes I remember you, Bernice! I just sent you an email…

  29. Ken, I too just stumbled on your site by accident while trying to find Bernice’s new address! Remember me from the Diamondback/Rattler days? What a bizarre but terrific coincidence! Just thinking about you from college days makes me smile. Keep in touch,

  30. Hi Yvonne. Its beginning to feel like Oyster Bake around here! I’ll send you an email shortly…

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