The Spirits of Ushers Past…

paramount-christmas-nutcracker-by-tree.gif paramount-christmas-margaret-and-helen.gif paramount-christmas-lobby.gif

Because we are expecting so many visitors at the Paramount during Ballet Austin’s run of The Nutcracker, I decided to go a little overboard on the holiday decorations.   Thanks to the talented Eric Quinn of Quinn Interiors, we have the most fantastic tree in Austin.  And with a little help from “Maggie and Helen” (The Holiday Spirits of Ushers Past), this is one holiday display that won’t soon be forgotten…


10 responses to “The Spirits of Ushers Past…

  1. i am coming to see the nutcracker next week. i can’t wait to see the decorations in person. they look great and very perfect for our beautiful theater.

  2. I can’t wait to see them. They look beautiful.

  3. Would it kill you to have a Star of David somewhere?? I’m just asking…

  4. It’s there. Look harder.

  5. I think I dated Margaret about 30 years ago.

  6. Can’t a person say Merry Christmas anymore?

  7. Did someone tell you not to?

  8. Merry Christmas

  9. Happy Holidays!

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