Dame Edna Is Coming…

Fasten your seatbelts for the best show of the season


11 responses to “Dame Edna Is Coming…

  1. I have seen her show 3 times and each time was even better. I can’t wait to see if I get another glady! You must get tickets to this show because Dame Edna is a comedic legend and will begreat to see at the Paramount. I am going with friends.

  2. I will come if you let me smoke during intermission.

  3. Brenda Thompson

    Can Not Wait for Dame Edna!

  4. I’m bringing my mother-in-law….she has the exact same color hair….I only wish I were joking.

  5. Okay…am I the only one that thinks that Ken Stein just might in fact BE Dame Edna??? Take a closer look my friends…

  6. Oh my god that is too funny! I wish I looked that good in a dress.

  7. Could be since he is a man of many changes…of costume that is! He has been sighted (cited?) as an M&M, Sponge Bob and, in the distant past, as a Waffle House waitress named Velma (not to be confused with the Velma of Mike Hammer fame, who was an altogether different femme fatale)!

  8. OK. Velma was YEARS ago…years. She retired from the Waffle House in 1999.

  9. Does “Joan” ring any bells for you????….I’m just saying….

  10. OK. Joan Crawford was Halloween 1990 and we won the costume contest as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. Does anybody even dress up as them anymore?

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