Well, he’s kind of normal and tall

lls_pg_013.jpg randy-kagan.jpg

Craig Ferguson seems likes a nice enough guy.  Backstage he asked for hair gel and a toothbrush.  How’s that for normal?  His stand-up is a bit more naughty than his TV show -OK, quite a bit more – but for the most part everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

I was backstage talking to RandyKagan (looks nothing like his photo above) who writes for Craig and who opened the show tonight.  I didn’t know if Randy wanted me to introduce him or if I needed to say anything special when I did my curtain speech.  I had been chatting with him for a few minutes when the tall guy next to him said, “Hi.  I’m Craig.  Nice to meet you.”  I had know idea.  He’s like Clark Kent – he had on a pair of glasses and suddenly the celebrity is gone. 

So after the show, a funny little thing happened.  A photographer wanted to get a picture with Craig, Randy and me.  Craig told me to stand in the middle.  I did the natural thing which was to put my arms out like we were sort of in a huddle for the picture, but as I put my arm behind Craig, a wind caught his jacket (a really nice leather one by the way) and blew it out away fromhis body for a mintue.  When the jacket fell back into place my hand was on the inside in a rather too familiar way.  So suddenly I am trying to explain why my hand is sort of closer to his skin than it really should be and all the time the photographer is taking pictures and I am not completely sure but I think there might be a rather embarrassing photo.  If so, I’ll post it and other photos from the evening when I get them.

But anyway, back to Craig being a normal guy.  Before he and Randy headed off to explore the bar at the Stephen F. Austin, we chatted for a minute about our children.  I have a six year old daughter, Craig has a six year old son and Randy has a five year old daughter.  We  shared a non-celebrity moment.  For a few mintues we were just three dads talking about our kids.   Then I think they left to go find some hookers… or maybe they just went for a drink… who knows?  I headed home to go to bed.


12 responses to “Well, he’s kind of normal and tall

  1. Yeah…I had a “non-celebrity moment” with Craig last night too….twice.

  2. Well, comments don’t get screened… but maybe I should re-think that policy.

  3. Ken,

    Just wanted to send you a closing note and thank you for bringing Craig and Randy to the Paramount. Marsha, Bill, Sasha, Francis, Wendy, Dave, the “other” Chris, and myself all had a great time.

    Although the Century Club is a little beyond my means at the moment, next season I’ll consider signing up for theatre membership at the Director or Producer level.

    Thanks again,


  4. That would be terrific, Chris. I am glad you had a good time. It was very nice to meet you.

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  6. desperatewriter

    Nice to know he’s a normal guy.

    And maybe some comments should get screened. Really. Lexus Ferrari? Puh-lease.

  7. What did you think of Randy Kagan? I think he’s fricking hilarious.

  8. Randy Kagan called me a gay whore from stage…which was too funny. He was hilarious both on and off the stage.

  9. Randy Kagan has a girlfriend so I know they werent looking for hookers

  10. I’ve followed Randy Kagan for years … one of the most underrated comics. He can riff like Don Rickles combined with a palpable charm. He’s upper echelon waiting to be exposed.

  11. Randy is so funny, i am a big fan. Thank you Craig and Randy for always bringing me to the floor laughing!

  12. I think Randy is funny as Craig. Why don’t we see more of him?!

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