Delayed Gratification


OK.  So I have a Board of Directors meeting tonight at 5:00 so I won’t be able to post the winning bid until after 7PM.  But don’t worry, all comments are timed stamped so I will know which is the highest bid at 5PM.  To bid leave the amount in a comment.  The winner will be contacted via email.  You are bidding on 4 front row seats to Craig Ferguson’s show Friday night at the Paramount… free drinks… free parking… and a private reception after the show to meet Craig.  The current high bid is $1,000.  Good luck!


24 responses to “Delayed Gratification

  1. You REALLY know how to make a person suffer. I LIKE that in a man! Except where I am concerned. Pins and needles, bated breath, etc etc etc.

    By the way, I know a good roofing person…

  2. Marsha, looks like we will be meeting for drinks before the show … if this goes as planned I’ll buy the first few rounds!

  3. Five minutes and counting down …

  4. Hey, Chris….if you’d like to get together after work tomorrow, I can deliver the tickets and the parking ahead of time.

  5. Sure. What’s after work for you?

  6. Heck, I am retired so I am SOOO flexible!
    2 minutes…

  7. I’m in charge, so I’m flexible too.

  8. momsha – are we in??????????

  9. And that’s the FINAL BUZZER! The crowd goes wild!!

  10. WOOHOOO! I’ve got 5 pm on my clock!

  11. shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you so rule my world right now!!!!!!

  12. It’s all over folks and … well, it was anticlimatic really … sorry Craig, looks like Marsha and I were the only real bidders. Bummer.

  13. We are SOOOO in! Want to meet Chris tomorrow when I get his tickets to him? I could give you your, too. Abd HE is buying the drinks!

    (Chris: Sasha is my daughter, who has been following this whole thing along with us.)

  14. Marsha, kinda figured. Anytime tomorrow is fine, my day is wide open. I’m up in northwest Austin near 183 and 620. Pick someplace convenient for both of us and let me know what time. I’ll meet you there.

  15. Cool! We live right over by the Oasis. Maybe lunch? Have you ever been to a place called Gumbo’s on 620, east of 183? Great Cajun food, if you are into that. Or there is Johnny Carino’s, or the Oasis. Any other suggestions?

  16. Rudy’s barbeque also comes to mind…

  17. Congratulations, Marsha! I’m just a poor working girl so couldn’t afford to bid on the tickets but I’ve been following closely. I do have tickets though, so will be there Friday!
    Could you tell him he has a HUGE fan who came all the way from Abilene to see him? I’m sure the reception will be awesome! You lucky dog!

  18. Marsha,

    If the Oasis is open for lunch, yes, we can meet there. Does 1:30 PM tomorrow work for you?


  19. Hey, Frances, I feel like I won the lotto or something! I almost flew to Vegas to see him in a show awhile back, so I am really excited. (And that would not have been a charity donation!) And I will tell him about somebody coming all the way from Abilene to see him, if I get the chance. I hope they will let him autograph a book and/or DVD. I’ll probably get up to him and just freeze and grin like an idiot. I guess I could say something really cool, like “can I see your tattoo?” No, never mind.

  20. Chris: OK, Oasis tomorrow at 1:30 it is! Anybody else out there want to join the party?

    Ken? Where ARE you? Still at that Bored of Directors meeting? Hey, I feel like we should ALL celebrate! And Craig doesn’t drink, so I don’t want to get all tipsy before I am in his exalted presence…well, not TOO tipsy, anyway. So we can just start a day early!

  21. Congratulations Marsha. I just got home. I would have enjoyed beng a part of the countdown. Alas, I leave tomrrow morning at 7AM to go to another Board of Directors meeting, this time for the Texas Music Project. I don’t get back to town until abut 7PMish. A staff person will be in contact with you via email in the morning to arrange everything so we can get you tickets, etc. I will find you on Friday before the show to introduce myself and give you your pass to the reception. This was fun….Marsha, Chris, Sasha, Frances….see you at the show.

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